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Aboru Aboye: Tope Alabi’s Attitude Disparaged Funmi Aragbaye Shares Perspective

Tope Alabi's Attitude Disparaged: Funmi Aragbaye Shares Perspective

Funmi Aragbaye, a veteran gospel act and the current Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Gospel Musician Association of Nigeria (GOMAN), has criticized popular gospel singer Tope Alabi for her controversial use of the term ‘aboru aboye’ in a newly released song. Aragbaye, known for her hit song “Mo Gbo Ipe Olorun” in the 1990s, expressed her disappointment and accused Alabi of behaving as if she is above everyone.

The controversy stemmed from a viral video showing Tope Alabi singing a song in a church, using words associated with greetings by Ifa worshippers. This sparked a heated debate among fans and religious communities, leading to Aragbaye’s strong condemnation of Alabi’s actions. Aragbaye stated that Alabi does not consider herself accountable to anyone, including God, as she is not a member of GOMAN or any other gospel association.

Aragbaye further expressed her belief that the current state of the country has influenced the behavior of individuals like Tope Alabi. She criticized the trend of people merely paying lip service to God without genuine devotion in their hearts. Aragbaye suggested that many preachers lack a deep understanding of what they preach, appearing on the scene without proper grounding in faith.

Blaming the media for Alabi’s success, Aragbaye claimed that despite Alabi’s previous struggles, the media continues to promote her.

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