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Dele Omowoli Agba Expresses Gratitude on Wife’s Birthday, Calling Her a Precious Gift

Dele Omowoli Agba Expresses Gratitude on Wife's Birthday, Calling Her a Precious Gift

Dele Omowoli Agba, a well-known gospel comedian, MC, and content creator, celebrated his wife’s birthday by sharing charming photos of her on his official social media account.

In his heartfelt message, Dele referred to his wife, Bunmi, as his mother and his treasure, emphasizing that it is her special day. He offered a prayer for her, asking that the Almighty God bless her with joy, and expressed his deep love for her, describing her as a gift from above.

In his caption, Dele Omowoli wrote, “It’s your special day, my treasure. A mother and wife. May Almighty God give you joy. You are a gift from above, and I love you now and forever. Happy birthday, my Amor.” The photos shared by Dele and his sweet message garnered positive reactions online, with fans and celebrities expressing their admiration for Bunmi’s beauty. They also extended birthday wishes and compliments to her.

Bunmi, who is popularly known as Bummie Makeover, is a makeup artist based in Ibadan. She and Dele Omowoli Agba have a wonderful son together. The couple’s celebration of Bunmi’s birthday highlights their love and the happiness they share in their marriage.

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