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Endless Memories: Comic Actor Odira Nwobu Honors Wife’s Birthday

Endless Memories: Comic Actor Odira Nwobu Honors Wife's Birthday

Philippine-based comic actor and content creator, Odira Nwobu has taken to his verified Instagram page to share adorable photos with his wife as he celebrates her birthday.

Odira affirmed that his memories with her will never end. He wishes her a prosperous birthday and prayed that God will bless her with good health.

His caption reads, “My memories with you will never end. Happy birthday to you my love. I wish you long life in good health. Stay blessed my Eve”.

These adorable photos triggered reactions online as social media users gushed over them. Also, they sent shout-outs and compliments wishing her a happy birthday.

Joseph Oro Nro who’s popularly known as Odira Nwobu is a renowned comic actor based in Philippine. He’s well known for playing comic roles in early 2000s but later switched to skit making.

The 40-year-old actor is doing well for himself. He celebrated his birthday some months ago and prayed that God should bless his friends so that they can remember him and bless him.

Happy birthday to his wife.

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