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I Ran Away From Home In 2014, Singer CKay Opens Up

I Ran Away From Home In 2014, Singer CKay Opens Up

CKay’s revelation about running away from home in 2014 and staying with a friend in a one-room apartment in Surulere, Lagos State is an example of the struggles that many people face on their journey to success. His message of encouragement to fans not to give up is a reminder that perseverance pays off in the end.

Running away from home is a difficult decision, and it often stems from a desire to pursue a dream that may not be supported by family or society. CKay’s decision to leave home and follow his passion for music may have been a risk, but it ultimately paid off, as he has become a successful artist today.

CKay’s message also highlights the importance of having a support system during challenging times. His friend who offered him a place to stay was instrumental in helping him get started on his journey to success. It is essential to have people in our lives who believe in us and support us in pursuing our dreams.

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