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“If A Girl Doesn’t Want To Have S€x With A Guy She Shouldn’t Follow Him To A Nightclub” Singer CDQ

Popular Nigerian singer, CDQ, has used his new video to clarify what he means from his previous podcast, where he stated that a lady should not follow any guy to a nightclub if she is not willing to sl€ep with the guy. He made it known that what he was trying to say was that if a girl does not want to have s€x with a guy, she should not follow him to a nightclub, saying that it is better for them to just hang out at a cinema so that they can just have a discussion and go home.

He stated that a woman cannot expect a man to spend a lot of money on her in a nightclub and not have s€x with her when they return from there. He maintained that it is better for them to have gone to a place where he would have to spend a token amount of money so that the man will not think of s€x when they are done.

In the statement he made in the video, he said, “If a girl doesn’t want to have s€x with a guy, he shouldn’t follow him to a nightclub.” There is no way a man will spend a lot of money on you in a nightclub and expect him not to sl€ep with you; it is better you follow him to a cinema where he will spend little and both of you will go home without touching you.

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“Mind you, any guy that takes you out to a nightclub, which is an ungodly hour, will want to sl€ep with you when you both come back.”

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