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” It’s my Page Not Yours, if I Block You it Means I Prefer You Being Blocked” Mr P Discloses

'' It's my Page Not Yours, if I Block You it Means I Prefer You Being Blocked'' Mr P Discloses

As a superstar, one sure method of having your peace is to ensure you stay unconnected to internet trolls by blocking them off, which is one route that popular singer Mr P definitely is taking, as he shared a message to those who. He had blocked across his social media platforms, telling them it’s case closed when he uses that block button.

The handsome singer in a message that addresses those he had blocked had tweeted that ” Please if I block you on any of my social media platforms. Don’t bother sending me a direct message with another handle to unblock you! Because I can’t remember why I blocked you in the first place! So please, I prefer you being blocked! Case closed! Happy Blocking with 100 bags of cement! It’s my page not yours.” He tweeted in a new post.

Mr P who is quite opinionated and doesn’t have time to banter word with those who might be out to bash or libel him actually did well to avoid nonsense by blocking those who might want to troll him across his social media platforms.

Images credit: Mr P Twitter’s page.

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