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‘Losing you has taught me so much about life’ – Eniola Badmus remembers late mother 19 years after her demise

‘Losing you has taught me so much about life’ – Eniola Badmus remembers late mother 19 years after her demise

Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus has penned down an emotional note to remember her late mother, nineteen years after she passed away.

Taking to her Instagram page, Eniola who has not revealed a particular person as the love of her life decided to celebrate valentines day in a special way by remembering her late mother. According to her, losing her mother has taught her so much about life and the true meaning of true love.

She further noted that she will continue to live her life for her mother and will do everything to make her proud. Taking a trip down memory late, Eniola said nineteen years without her mother has been hard.

She wrote: “Dear mother, You took so much pride in me. I was your little girl. I was a spitting image of you. You loved me with all of your heart and I was your last baby.

“Losing you has taught me so much about life. It taught me the meaning of life, and what real love really is. They say a mother and a daughter is one of the closest relationships in the world. Losing that relationship taught me how capable I was of loving, losing, and feeling pain.

“Losing you has given me purpose. I will continue to live everyday for you. I will be the best version of me. I will make you proud. With every choice, every decision, every step I take for the rest of my life, I will honor you. 19 years without you is hard, and it probably always will be, but I will live this life for you momma. Continue to rest on ALHAJA i miss you dearly as I type this in tears”.

Eniola Badmus celebrates her godmother, Remi Tinubu

In an emotional note to celebrate her, Eniola Badmus revealed the true personality of the remarkable senator as she penned a lengthy note to her. She revealed how Remi Tinubu had been a blessing to her.

Describing her as the most wonderful woman known to her, Eniola Badmus highlighted her unique qualities.

“Having someone like you as my mother is one of the rarest of good fortune, even at 62 your level of energy is so great! Happy birthday to the most wonderful woman known to me. Thank you for always guiding and nurturing me. I wish you a very happy 62ND birthday! I hope your coming days are filled with endless joy, love and serenity. Our dear heavenly father, I thank you for your faithfulness, love and Mercy over the life of my Mummy, thank you for strength and good health. As she turns 62 years today, I pray for fresh grace and peace. I pray you fill her life with reasons to be always grateful. May you continue to guide and protect her through the hustle and bustle of life. May you keep sorrow and trouble far away from her. Amen. Happy birthday my sweet mummy, wish you a blessed celebration. I hope that the flowers in your garden bloom more. I wish you a supernatural season of joy and full happiness”.

In celebration of her big day, Eniola Badmus treated the senator to a bouquet of flowers, cakes, luxury gifts and more.

In the video she shared online, Eniola Badmus was seen paying her a surprise visit at her residence.

Remi Tinubu was no doubt taken aback as she couldn’t stop smiling.

Eniola Badmus, in her caption, revealed how privileged she is to be able to celebrate her.

“It was a great session with my Godmother today as I’m privileged to celebrate her day with her”.

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