Bayern Munich Suspend Sadio Mané For Assaulting Teammate

Bayern Munich Suspend Sadio Mané For Assaulting Teammate

Bayern Munich, a big soccer team, stopped Sadio Mané from playing because he hit Leroy Sané, who was his teammate. This happened after a game against Manchester City when they argued and Mané punched Sané.

Bayern said that Mané will not play against Hoffenheim. The people of Senegal will have to pay a penalty.

Leadership magazine said that Bayern Munich might sell Mane because they think he hit Sane during a game against Manchester City on Tuesday.

Mane and Sane were fighting during the game that Bayern lost 3-0 at the Etihad.

It’s been reported that there was a fight between two people in a dressing room. They hit each other and one person punched the other in the face. One of them used to play for Liverpool.

The Bayern team is deciding on what punishment to give to Mane. A journalist from Sky Germany named Florian Plettenburg said that the punishment will not only be a fine.

Plettenburg said the board might do different things, like a timeout or breaking up between the club and player.

Mane recently started playing for Bayern but his first year has been affected by injuries.

When Mane was playing for Liverpool, he won many big soccer tournaments like the Premier League, Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup.

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