Lagos Health Centre Engulfed by Weeds: Residents Appeal for Urgent Intervention

Lagos Health Centre Engulfed by Weeds: Residents Appeal for Urgent Intervention

Residents of Bayeku Community in Ikorodu, Lagos State Express Concerns Over Dilapidated State of Bayeku Primary Healthcare Centre, Urging Swift Intervention

The deteriorating condition of the Bayeku Primary Healthcare Centre in Ikorodu, Lagos State, has sparked concerns among residents, prompting them to call for immediate actions to rectify the situation.

During a visit to the facility by our correspondent on Friday, it was observed that the building was in a state of disrepair, with a leaky roof. The premises were dominated by overgrown weeds, lacking a proper gate and featuring a broken perimeter fence.

Despite its focus on providing essential medical services such as immunization, prenatal care, maternity services, child care, and outpatient treatments, the center comprises only two rooms: a delivery ward and a small examination room for patients.

Rachael Fadare, a resident of the community, highlighted the inadequacy of the center’s size to accommodate the daily influx of patients. She also noted the shortage of staff members to manage the facility effectively.

Fadare stated, “The environment is spacious, so I don’t understand why they can’t construct additional buildings or even an extension. The last time I visited, I spent around four hours there due to the insufficient staff. Another issue is the surroundings; the area is overgrown with vegetation, making it unsuitable for a healthcare center. Various types of reptiles could be lurking in the bushes. There are instances when they cannot conduct tests due to a lack of electricity for their laboratory. I believe they should have a backup generator or a similar solution to facilitate smoother and quicker operations.”

Fadare also highlighted that the health center closes at 2 pm, leaving it ill-equipped to handle emergencies.

Another resident, who preferred to remain anonymous, disclosed that the stress involved in receiving care at the facility has driven many towards private hospitals. She emphasized that with the provision of basic amenities, particularly for maternal and child care, more people would opt for the center.

Mrs. Patrick, another resident, shared that she opted for a different hospital during her second childbirth due to the long list of items she was required to bring to the facility.

An undisclosed source revealed that only one nurse has been attending to nursing and expectant mothers for several months. This nurse tends to a minimum of 80 women daily, with numbers often exceeding this figure on Wednesdays when children under five are treated.

In response, Dr. Dayo Lajide, the Permanent Secretary of Lagos State Health District II, pledged collaboration with the local government chairman and the Director of Environmental Services to address the challenges plaguing the health facility. Dr. Lajide noted that while the issues of perimeter fencing and building upgrades might not be immediately resolved, an immediate step would be taken to clear the overgrown surroundings.

Source: Punch Ng

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